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Welcome to 88West Realty. Your dream is our passion. We have hundreds of happy customers who simply loved our services while buying, selling or renting their properties. We make your task easy. Don’t listen to us, experience it yourself!


Selling a house is not easy at all and we understand that. No dubious deals, no hidden costs, and completely transparent transactions – we take care of every minute detail while selling your house. Our experts will give you the most feasible advice for selling your property. We use the latest evaluation tools in combination with proper market research of the area to ensure the best possible deal. Not only that, we ensure a 360 degree exposure of your property through Digital Marketing to attract all potential clients. You say sell and we will run around to find for you a fast and satisfactory turnout.


A home isn’t a mere composition of bricks and cement – it’s a lot more. It’s your personal space built on your dreams and aspirations. We at 88West Realty understand these emotions and that is why we have experts from the field to assist you in taking one of the biggest decisions of your life. Properties are a bona fide good time investment involving huge amount of money. Thus, it is important to have an expert opinion. From selecting a house to finalizing documentation, we are there to take care of you. We stand by the belief that real commitment results in real success. Experience it with us!


Finding the right kind of tenants for your furnished or unfurnished property can be really cumbersome and who could understand this better than us! Be it Vancouver or any other neighboring cities, our seasoned experts will take care of your property and provide you with all the required services. From Property Management to Lease-up Marketing services for developers and building owners, you name it and we’ll have it done for you. We’ll get you the most suitable deal which, in future, will turnout to be a decent return on your investment. Just fill in your requirements and wait for the magic to happen.

Why 88West Realty?

We got the tools

We have a lot of tools to make your property stand out! Also we help buyers with high end search tools and experienced agents for best consultancy.

Certified Experience

All of our agents are constantly updating their knowledge. In addition to that 88West performs lots of training sessions.

Competitive Pricing

As a brokerage, we have access to extremely competitive pricing. We also have lots of additional services unique to 88West that you can’t find anywhere else!

Lifetime Guarantee

We are always here for you for professional consultancy, before and after you sell your property with us, or buy a new property with us.

Serving Since 2009

Since 2009, 88West has been serving North and West Vancouver, in trading residential properties for sale and rent. We will have commercial properties soon.

Great Support

We’ve got you covered. From searching experience to writing offer and moving in, 88West has a full set of tools, technologies, and experienced agents.

88West Realty Team Members

88West Realty Team Members

Shirin Saleh

Managing broker

Tel : 604-767-8795

Fara Ghafari

Senior Property Manager, Licensed Realtor

Tel : 604-723-0721

Iman Khabiri

Licensed Realtor

Tel : 778-869-4884

Ghazal Ighani

Real Estate Advisor

Tel : 604-313-9293

Zara Rabii

Licensed Realtor

Tel : 778-893-9585

Idin Khoshnavaz

Licensed Realtor

Tel : 778-839-4003

Irina Portnova

Licensed Realtor

Tel : 778-996-8443

Oscar Barrera

Licensed Realtor, Property Manager

Tel : 778-228-2811

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